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​220-260 GHz Down Converters for 5G/6G Applications

Signal generators, spectrum analyzers, and Vector Network Analyzers (VNA) may be extended seamlessly to millimeter-wave and Terahertz (THz) frequencies. These instruments can measure Noise Figure accurately, utilizing compatible noise sources for precise results. The Block Up/Downconverter function, when combined with external sources, ensures optimal performance. In the frequency range of 75-500 GHz, our solutions offer both full-band and narrow-band options with an optional internal local oscillator. For enhanced signal purity, a Single Sideband (SSB) version will eliminate image responses. These Multifunction Converters offer rugged screened enclosures machined from solid, guaranteeing durability and reliability in challenging environments. Meet your high-frequency testing and measurement requirements with precision and versatility.

​220-260 GHz Down Converters for 5G/6G Applications
​220-260 GHz Down Converters for 5G/6G Applications
  • Extend signal generators/spectrum analyzers or VNA’s to mm-wave and THz

  • Measure Noise Figure with compatible instruments

  • Block Up/Downconverter function with external sources

  • Frequency range 75-500 GHz in full-band and narrow-band options

  • Optional internal local oscillator

  • Single Sideband (SSB) versions eliminate image response (Option)

  • Rugged screened enclosures machined from solid 


Input Frequency (GHz)
Conversion Loss (dB), SSB typical
< 10.0
< 14.0
Input LO Range (GHz)*
IF Range Block Converter Mode (GHz)
> 13.5
> 18
Input 1 dB GCP (dBm)
-5 typical
-5 typical
IF Range S/A Mode
15 KHz to 2 GHz
15 KHz to 2 GHz
RF Input Damage Level (dBm)
Operating Temperature (deg C)
20 to 30
20 to 30
LO / IF Connectors
SMA/2.92mm K (F)
SMA/2.92 mm K (F)
RF Connector
WR6.5 ; UG387/U-M
WR3.4 ; UG387/U-M
Dimensions (mm)
200 x 150 x 100
200 x 150 x 100
AC Power Supply (external PSU)
110-240 VAC
110-240 VAC

1. Compatible with Spectrum and Signal Analyzers eg. Keysight, R & S etc. DANL -140 dBm (1Hz) typical.
2. Internal or external Local Oscillator, standard level +10 to + 13 dBm
3. *Low LO range spectrum analyzer; high LO range Upconverter / Downconverter mode
4. Dimensions, data, photographs are non-contractual and subject to revision

Multifunction Converter  for Spectrum Analysis and Noise Figure Measurements
Multifunction converter modules for 110-330 GHz
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