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​220-260 GHz Down Converters for 5G/6G Applications

Explore advanced signal generators, spectrum analyzers, and Vector Network Analyzers (VNA) extended seamlessly to millimeter-wave and Terahertz (THz) frequencies. Our instruments are equipped to measure Noise Figure accurately, utilizing compatible tools for precise results. The Block Up/Downconverter function, combined with external sources, ensures optimal performance. Covering a frequency range of 75-500 GHz, our solutions offer both full-band and narrow-band options to suit your specific needs. Opt for the convenience of an optional internal local oscillator. For enhanced signal purity, consider our Single Sideband (SSB) versions that eliminate image response, available as an option. Our devices boast rugged screened enclosures machined from solid materials, guaranteeing durability and reliability in challenging environments. Trust in our cutting-edge technology to meet your high-frequency testing and measurement requirements with precision and versatility.

​220-260 GHz Down Converters for 5G/6G Applications
​220-260 GHz Down Converters for 5G/6G Applications
  • Extend signal generators/spectrum analyzers or VNA’s to mm-wave and THz

  • Measure Noise Figure with compatible instruments

  • Block Up/Downconverter function with external sources

  • Frequency range 75-500 GHz in full-band and narrow-band options

  • Optional internal local oscillator

  • Single Sideband (SSB) versions eliminate image response (Option)

  • Rugged screened enclosures machined from solid 


Input Frequency (GHz)
Conversion Loss (dB), SSB typical
< 10.0
< 14.0
Input LO Range (GHz)*
IF Range Block Converter Mode (GHz)
> 13.5
> 18
Input 1 dB GCP (dBm)
-5 typical
-5 typical
IF Range S/A Mode
15 KHz to 2 GHz
15 KHz to 2 GHz
RF Input Damage Level (dBm)
Operating Temperature (deg C)
20 to 30
20 to 30
LO / IF Connectors
SMA/2.92mm K (F)
SMA/2.92 mm K (F)
RF Connector
WR6.5 ; UG387/U-M
WR3.4 ; UG387/U-M
Dimensions (mm)
200 x 150 x 100
200 x 150 x 100
AC Power Supply (external PSU)
110-240 VAC
110-240 VAC

1. Compatible with Spectrum and Signal Analyzers eg. Keysight, R & S etc. DANL -140 dBm (1Hz) typical.
2. Internal or external Local Oscillator, standard level +10 to + 13 dBm
3. *Low LO range spectrum analyzer; high LO range Upconverter / Downconverter mode
4. Dimensions, data, photographs are non-contractual and subject to revision

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