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​220-260 GHz Down Converters for 5G/6G Applications

Our compact low-noise receiver stands out as a state-of-the-art solution, delivering exceptional broadband performance for discerning users. With the flexibility to operate in either Broadband Double Sideband (DSB) standard mode or Single Sideband (SSB) function as an option, this receiver caters to diverse communication needs. Boasting radiometer integration that is space-qualifiable, it ensures reliability in demanding environments. The receiver offers the choice of an external fixed or variable local oscillator, with the added convenience of an optional internal local oscillator. Its temperature range of -20 to +60 degrees Celsius as a standard feature underscores its adaptability to various conditions. This receiver is engineered to meet high standards, providing cutting-edge technology in a compact form.

183 GHz low noise integrated mixer IF amplifier module
183 GHz low noise mixer IF performance over temperature
  • Compact Low Noise Receiver with state-of-art broadband performance

  • Broadband DSB (standard) or SSB function (option)

  • Radiometer integration, space qualifiable

  • External fixed or variable local oscillator

  • Optional internal local oscillator

  • -20 to + 60 deg temperature range as standard 


Input Frequency (GHz)
183 +/- 16.5
Gain (dB) at 25 deg C
Noise Figure (dB) @ -20 to +60 deg C
8.0 maximum (< 6 dB typical)
LO Frequency (GHz)
LO Power (dBm)
+5 to +7 typical
IF Range
Operating Temperature (deg C)
-20 to +60
IF Connector
2.92 mm K (F)
RF Connector
WR 05 ; UG387/U-M
LO Connector
WR 10 ; UG387/U-M
Dimensions (mm)
38 x 19 x 19

1. Developed for low noise receiver/radiometer applications

2. Internal or external Local Oscillator, standard level +5 to + 7 dBm

3. *Other frequencies to order

4. DC +12 V, 150 mA

5. Dimensions, data, photographs are non-contractual and subject to revision

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